Designing the Perfect Nursery

Gaia Baby has teamed up with Lisa Marconi, Creative Director of leading Irish interiors design consultancy, Dust Design to create some top tips for expectant parents embarking on designing their nursery.


  • Futureproof! It can be tempting to fill your nursery with lots of stuff but think into the future when the cot becomes a toddler bed and even beyond.  You don’t want it to feel cluttered at that point.
  • Invest in quality. Speaking of futureproofing, consider that your nursery needs to work for you as your family grows as it will be subject to plenty of wear and tear. Considering how much you will use core nursery pieces, the ‘cost per wear’ will justify the investment in pieces that won’t result in splintered corners, sticking drawers and unhinged drawers.
  • Consider the space. If you’re short on space, think about a mini crib rather than the full size standard one. That way, you can fit more essentials into the room and still have a lovely place for your little one to sleep.
  • Creature comforts. A comfy chair is an absolute must. You’re going to be hanging out in your baby’s nursery a lot.  You want to have somewhere nice to sit for all those night-time cuddles and feeds. If space is an issue think about a mini crib rather than the full size standard one in order to fit a comfy chair for yourself!
  • Make it your own. Create a nursery you’re going to love. For the first few years of your child’s life, they’re not really going to notice what the room looks like, but you are going to be spending a large amount of time in it! Make sure you love how the room looks and it makes you happy.
  • Box clever! With smaller spaces, it’s all about making use of every bit of space you can. Think creatively about where and how you can work storage into the room.  Storage drawers and baskets under the crib, even hanging storage at higher levels.
  • Space savers. Use ledges instead of traditional shelves for books. Not only would it save space, but all books will be on display and easier for young kids to get them off the shelves.
  • Be bold. Don’t be afraid to embrace more dramatic looks and colours in a nursery. Dark colours are great to use if you’re looking for a slightly more grown up feel to your nursery that will stay relevant as your child grows up.
  • Stay neutral. The days of exclusively baby pink and baby blue nurseries are behind us.  Yellows, greys and greens are all brilliant colours to use for painting your nursery walls.
  • Get creative. Wall decals can be a great way of getting something playful and fun into the room without spending a fortune. Alternatively, look for wall art on Etsy or similar sites, print your own and frame it. Its quick and inexpensive so if you (or your child) want to change the designs as they get older, it’s easy to do so.
  • Mood lighting. As well as adding some beautiful design to your room, you need to think strategically what light you need to add to it. You want the ability to have lovely low lights as well as bright lighting when needed. A variety of lighting points from something overhead to table and floor lamps are key.

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