As Life Unfolds

We designed the Complete Sleep system to grow in perfect symmetry with your child from the moment you bring them home. As they grow, so does their bed! 

The Complete Sleep is Cot Bed sized and suitable from birth up to approx. 5 years. We have also created the Complete Sleep+ Range which features an extra sleeping mode, either The Co-Sleep or The Mini


The Complete Sleep is a Cot Bed (70 x 140cm) with two mattress heights. This little convenience is designed to allow easier access to your newborn in those early days. As soon as your baby starts trying to pull up, that’s your sign to lower the mattress. The timing is different for every baby, but usually between 4-7 months old. Your baby can sleep in their Cot Bed up to 3 years old. 


When your little one is ready for a little independence, you can remove one of the side panels to convert their Cot Bed into a Toddler Bed. The transition is made easier and more familiar for children by using the safe space of their Cot Bed and adding the freedom of getting in and out by themselves, especially handy when toilet training. The bed is the perfect height for little legs. 


To help prepare your child for independent sleeping, you can remove the second side panel to convert into your child’s First Bed. Suitable up to 5 years old, it’s designed to guide your child on their first steps toward independent sleeping.

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