5 Things To Do For Yourself Today

It's not always easy to remember to mind yourself. With little ones to care for, we often put ourselves to the back of the queue. So here's your reminder, don't forget you have to practise self-care too. We have to keep our own self-care levels topped up if we want to be able to care for others around us.

Below we've shared our favourite quick and easy tips for taking care of you. Share your self-care tips by tagging @gaiababynursery on Instagram or Facebook.


Sounds simple, but sometimes it takes a village to get out the door. One of the easiest times to get in a couples stroll is when your baby is napping. Pop them in the stroller and get out for a lovely stroll together. Forget about the housework! 


Remember when face masks only referred to a beauty treatment?! We're big fans of sheet masks and eye patches, they're hassle free and quick to use. In just 15 minutes, your skin will feel plump and healthy. And you can still go about your day while you're wearing it - maybe just stay indoors or you could scare the neighbours!


Remember that text you got from your best friend last week that you've been meaning to reply to? Don't reply, call them instead and enjoy the type of giggles you can only have with your bestie.


The holy grail of relaxation! This one might require a second pair of hands to help with the baby, but there's nothing like nabbing the time to take a bath. Even if you have to schedule a friend to come over, do it! Self-care should be part of all our routines.


Some days, this is what self-care is in our house - getting to drink your coffee while it's still hot! And on those days, we take the little wins and enjoy the hot coffee. 

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