5 Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing is one of the easiest ways to promote bonding while your baby is safe in their happy place, close to your heart. Inspired by this natural instinct, we created a collection of stretchy wraps that allow you to carry your baby just as nature intended.


Babywearing is one of our favourite ways to bond with your baby. It offers a quick and easy option for partners and other family members to have some of that precious bonding or skin-to-skin time.


Research has shown that Babywearing can help with postpartum depression. The extra bonding time, skin to skin and boost in confidence all have a positive contribution toward a new mother’s mental health. Babywearing can help new mothers learn their baby’s cues and increase confidence and you embark on your parenting journey.


Babywearing has been found to reduce crying by up to 30%. Being close to you is exactly where your baby wants to be, it’s their happy place. Wearing your baby is thought to soothe and calm them.


This one can’t be overrated. Having 2 hands free to step onto the train, make a sandwich or go for a walk is game changing when you have a newborn. And mostly importantly, with your baby safe and secure, you have two hands free to care for others if they need a hand to hold.


We get it, newborns are cute! But lots of new mums don’t want strangers touching their baby randomly. It’s a lot more awkward to touch a baby that’s being worn than it is to reach into a buggy.

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